Donald Sterling Banned for Life

Racial discrimination in any form isn’t good for business or life. Donald Sterling is finding out the hard way that comments made in private can come back to bite you. Even comments made to a girlfriend or spouse.

I wasn’t going to comment on the Sterling thing at all. I am not a sports fan and could care less what Sterling thinks or feels about other people of any color. I suppose it would be the safest to just ignore this and not say anything at all since I’m sure my comments on Sterling won’t sit well with a few people.

Personally speaking, I feel any action against Sterling was wrong. It is also unjustified.

The thing is this audio recording would be considered illegal wire tapping by the person who recorded it. Also anything said becomes hearsay and would most likely not hold up in a court of law. Also Sterling’s feelings and opinions of blacks are his to express. Once we start punishing people for their opinions we lose freedom of speech.

Something else to consider here are the many African-American performers – actors, poets, inventors and  rappers, just to list a few. Once American people start getting sued, penalized, fined or banned for their own personal opinions the sooner we start seeing action in all forms of medium. How long before someone sues a black rapper for lyrics found with their songs or something they say in public? What if a movie depicted racial discrimination? That may lead to some kind of lawsuit or penalization – maybe even a fine from some group or organization.

Think I’m stretching with that last part? Maybe. But consider this. There are many great works of literature that have been banned from libraries due to their content. Some of those very books are not only classics but works by some well known authors. The Disney’s movie classic,  “Song of the South” is banned in the states due to racial discrimination. One would have to wonder about such movies and shows like “Roots”, “Seven Years A Slave” or even “Gone with the Wind”.  Its only a matter of time before this kind of things carry over to Music or other mediums.

We have no one to blame but ourselves in this. Sterling isn’t the reason for racial discrimination in America. He didn’t start it and he won’t be the end of it. Any action taken against Don Sterling is merely action taken in show of good faith by those thinking they are doing the right thing. Quite frankly does $2.5 million even cause a ripple in his pocketbook? Not likely. This action was merely a smoke screen to cover any possible backlash others might try to levee on the NBA or the L.A. Clippers.

But then again – what the hell do I know, right?


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