Davison Talk Network – davison-talk-network.com

I have been helping a friend with his new business/website. Davison Talk Network is an online live stream and recorded video business. We specialize in bringing you news, information, entertainment and more for all things in and around Davison, Michigan.

Davison Talk Network new to the internet but not new to the business of video recording, editing and broadcasting. Owned and operated by Kevin Manning from Davison, Michigan, Davison Talk Network has over five years experience. In just a short time they are already developing a following with hundreds of daily views to the site.

Have you ever had dreams of hosting a show on television or radio? Do you have the gift of gab? Do you have an area of interest or information you would like to share with other? Are you an expert in a certain field you could give valuable insight on? If you said yes to any of these Davison Talk Network would be interested in hearing from you.

Are you a business or professional looking to reach new clients or looking to expand in and around the area? If so Davison Talk Network is looking for advertisers for their site and videos. You can save time and money by advertising with Davison Talk Network  compared to television or radio advertising fees.

Check out Davison Talk Network at http://davison-talk-network.com/ for their latest videos and contact information to either host or advertise with us.


One thought on “Davison Talk Network – davison-talk-network.com

  1. I check out the link the site it really looks nice I watched a couple of videos from there archive the I liked the most was Whats Up With Kev “Pull Ups” you are right on with that one I laughed so hard, that was cool and I will stay tuned and check often.


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