Ronald McDonald May Go To Taco Bell But He Eats At McDonalds

You can’t watch television now days without seeing advertising for the Taco Bell breakfast. Their current adds have people named Ronald McDonald from all over the United States supporting the Taco Bell breakfast. Today I decided to try Taco Bell breakfast for the first time.

For me, my biggest complaint with McDonald’s breakfast has always been the lack of over all flavor. McDonald sausage taste pretty bland. So is everything else for breakfast at McDonald’s. I like McD’s breakfast and go there about three times a month, maybe more. But I’m always looking at other options, hoping someone starts serving something worth getting excited about.

Taco Bell was my last hold out available to try and I was hoping for the best. On my first visit I got two Waffle Taco with sausage and a sausage burrito and orange juice for girlfriend. When I got my order it came with two small packs of sirup. My total order came to around $8.50.

The waffle taco’s are implied to be a waffle bent to resemble a taco shell topped with sausage, scrabbled egg and cheese. The first one waffle taco had almost no eggs and both were pretty lame with the cheese. The waffle itself was dry, tasteless and tough. Sausage lacked any flavor whatsoever. The second waffle Taco had almost twice the amount of egg on it. Otherwise was more of the same – bland, dry, tough. The good part of it all was the sirup. At least that made added some much needed taste and flavor.

The sausage burrito is scrabbled eggs, cheese and sausage wrapped in a taco shell. The Taco Bell burrito is bigger then McD’s but sadly that is all I can say positive about it. Taco Bell sausage burrito lacked one thing neither my girlfriend nor I saw anywhere – sausage. It was mostly egg and cheese – every little cheese. Again it lacked any real favor and the lack of any sausage made it worse.

Because I have had McDonald’s so often I don’t think they have anything I haven’t tried at least once for breakfast. I may not be all that keen on Taco Bell breakfast but I also don’t like McDonald’s breakfast all that much. “WHAT!” you say. “But you go there so often, why?” you say.

McDonald’s breakfast items suffer in the same way that Taco Bell does. They lack over all flavor, taste and many times tough.

 Like Taco Bell burritos, McDonald’s burrito often times lacks any sausage. Their pancakes, as well as, biscuits and Mcmuffins, are generally tough and dry. The one thing that McDonald’s does win on is cost. McDonald’s burrito is $1.00. Taco Bell burrito is $1.69. Other items are similarly more expensive at Taco Bell. Based on taste, quality, and price Mcdonald’s comes out ahead.

It is pretty clear that Taco Bell fails at offering any real competition against McDonald’s breakfast. They can find a thousands of people named Ronald McDonald and it won’t win over the breakfast war.

A bit of Irony – so far of all the fast food places I have had breakfast items from my favorite is Burger King. Judge for yourself and see what you think.


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