Bio: Most people that know me know that I am called Bird by my friends online. It comes from my nickname that I have used online for most of the last 10 years - flyingbird65. I have used that nickname in Pogo.com almost exclusively for the last four years. In the Euchre league I was an administrator and still friends from there pop in and ask - Where's the bird? Flyingbird65 is a part of me and I truly have loved the many jokes that come from being called bird. Bird has allowed me to remain anonymous yet vocal in my thoughts, opinions, and comments. Bird has opened a window of wonderful humor with all the bird jokes I both used and heard online from friends. And now I find that Bird has caused many people to over look the deeper person who is The Bird. My first name is Jeff. I am a writer. Albeit, not a very good writer - but a writer nevertheless. I have 43 articles on Associated Content, 13 articles on Helium, 4 articles on Triond and a few other things here and there. Currently I have 4 or 5 blogs that I have been forgetting to maintain regularly. Plus I have submitted a short story with the hopes of getting it published and working on 3 others, along with 2 novel ideas (one of which is sitting on my computer collecting computer dust). I belong to a writer’s forum which is operated by Michelle Devon (Michy to her friends). She is the author of the book The Path, for which I wrote a review. You can read that review here. While checking on that review you can also see other things I wrote for the Associated Content Site. To know me you have to know the Bird and the Jeff of me. The Bird is the guy I am when I want to try to be funny, joking around, looking to get that laugh. Bird lacks seriousness and direction, doesn't care if he steps on a few toes or has his beak slapped for doing so. Jeff is serious and emotional. Jeff is the guy who wants to be a better writer, to have a book published - one that truly defines him as a writer and a person. He longs to feel like he belongs somewhere - anywhere. Whose friend base supports his uniqueness and understands him for who he is. Jeff of me is the bird from me that wishes to be as expressive with his views so others know where he stands and not find total fault. This isn't a pity party this is merely an explanation of what and who I am. Come along for the ride and discover who I am. It may just surprise you.

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