COMCAST: Your source for worthless Programming, Customer service and Pricing

I just looked at my new Comcast bill and once again it went up. This bill jumped from $116 to $136. All I can say is what the hell is going on here? What am I getting for this amount of money?

I want to break it down based on what I have on my programming guide on TV. The cable box goes from channel 1  to channel 1991. Some numbers between 1 and 1991 are missed or skipped. Most of the higher channels are sports, HD channels, adult progamming, music channels (Music Choice, C.D.) and pay-per-view movie channels. Channel 1 is On Demand. Channel 2 – 11 is local programs. Channels 12 – 63 are (for me) primary viewing channels. These are channels like FOX, Discovery, Spike, CNN, USA, TCM and others. Channels from 63 to 297 are a varied mix of information, movies, news, kids programming, game shows, and a host of others. Channels 299 to 375 are the premium channels like Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax.

$136.00 cable bill just so I can spend 3 to 6 hours watching a movie that normally runs hour and half or watch a hour TV series only to see more advertising then I do the show itself.  Cable service is worthless over all. 99 percent of the time you have nothing but reruns and advertising to watch. Even the premium channels like HBO, Showtime and others play mostly old movies that we’ve all seen so many times we’ve lost count. If I was into sports, which I could care less about at least I could get any or even all my favorite teams broadcast live. Music channels are lame and boring with same ole same ole programming.

When I called to change my bundle plan the service rep I spoke with was from the Philippines and spoke just enough English to barely understand her. Comcast outsources some or most of their call centers, cuts staffing at payment centers and still raises rates more often then most people change their underwear. Of those two the only one full of crap is Comcast. What is the real reason for raising rates? So the powers to be at Comcast can make get paid their bonuses.


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