Easter with Family and Friends

Thankfully another holiday is here and gone. Next up we have Mothers day and then 4th of July.

I am not big on holidays myself. To me they are nothing more then ways for big business to make more money. Commercials are always at a all time high during holidays. As for family I don’t have any that live near by or for that matter even call me. That didn’t keep me from celebrating Easter.

My girlfriend’s family lives locally so we generally spend time with them. Easter this year wasn’t any different. We spent Saturday with her nephew and sister. Had way too much to  eat and lost our butts in poker. In spite of poker loses we enjoyed the company and the food. At one point we had 11 people in the house playing Texas Holdem.

This year we did have one surprising invite. Girlfriend’s grandson invited us over Sunday for dinner and cards. This is a first since the grandson was living at home or other places before. Normally he spends Easter with his dad’s side of the family. So glad he didn’t do that this year. Girlfriend not only got a chance to spend time with grandson and his girlfriend but also the great grand-kids.  Rangler and Paisley were a delight. I managed to take a lot of pictures of girlfriend holding her granddaughter and of Rangler playing.

Only one problem with this Easter (and most other big get together holidays) – I ate way to much. LOL I’ll survive and look forward to the next holiday and meal.


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