Being a published writer is hard

In 2006 I was looking around online for ways to make a little extra money. I’ve always heard there were a number of ways make money using the internet and who doesn’t need a little extra help with that, right? I looked into many different things. Things like blogging with adsense to pay per post blogging to content writing. None of them seemed all that great at the time.

I wanted to become a writer. Not content writing exactly but maybe a novel or short stories or even a screen play; something, anything that would allow me to write. Now this doesn’t mean I have to write like some of my writer friends out there. Many of them can’t go a day without writing something. They are drawn to writing like other people are drawn to painting, gambling or doing drugs. I good example here is Earl Hamner.  He wanted to be a writer. He lived its, breathed it, talked about it. His whole being required him to write and because of that we were able to enjoy “The Waltons”.

For me writing as been a means to an end. It had allowed me to pay a bill once in a while or buy a little something extra I otherwise wouldn’t have had the money. None of what I have written has been all that great with one exception maybe. Recently I submitted a story for consideration hoping it gets published. I’ll share more about that if and when I finally know one way or other. All my other stuff has been content stuff for Yahoo Voices, formally known as Associated Content. I also have a few things on Helium writers site and a couple other places on the web. But none of what I wrote for those sites game easily for me.

I have struggled with content writing horribly. I seem to struggle finding content – that others care about enough to get the page views needed to make the kind of money I need to make better money. For those that don’t know page views are important for content writers. The more page views the more money you can make from your content. In 2006 when I first started writing I actually made enough to pay my cable bill. I know some people who were and maybe still are making over $500 a month.

Being a published writer is hard because once you’ve been published people tend to think you are really good with words. Maybe for other writers that is true but for me it isn’t always the case. Sure I’m good with stringing words together to make a given point or to sound poetic. Sometimes what I say even makes sense to me.

Being a published writer does have some good things that come with it. For me it is a feeling of accomplishment. Like I have reached a goal and can move on to something harder or at least difference. Being a published writer has even opened a couple of doors. For me, I have been directly involved with the development of at least 3 websites from start to finish. I have also been asked for help with writing a few other things not related to online work at all.

No matter what else happens from here on out there is one thing for certain – I am a published writer. I may not be good at it. I may never be famous because of it. But I have managed to accomplish something in the form of writing and been paid for doing it as well.


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