Tempeststarz Euchre League


Over the last 10 plus years I have been playing and hosting tournaments for different leagues that play on Pogo.com. This is something I have truly enjoyed doing and look forward to do as much as possible. Currently, I am hosting with Tempeststarz Euchre, known as Starz league, which plays in Blue Bonnett room in Pogo.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that leagues have been suffering from lack of daily players. Most of my tours seem to barely get more then four jumpers. Other host are getting between four to 6 regularly. On rare occasions we’ll see as many as ten to fifteen jumpers. But that seems largely during evening tours that are generally considered specials.

There are a lot of good reasons to join and play in leagues.

Being in a league you don’t have to look for or wait for a partner. Other members will gladly partner you. Also most leagues play none rated games. So if you’ve worked hard to get rating up you don’t have to worry about losing rating points because of bad partners. But the most important thing with leagues is you always can find a tour being played most of the day and in some cases well into the early morning hours.

Starz euchre league for example has tours running from as early as 7am until as late (or early) as 3am.

If you enjoy playing euchre and have some free time come check us out. Its free to join pogo and free to play in leagues.










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