SALE! Really, where?

I don’t know when it started. Maybe it has been going on for years and I just never noticed it before. All I know is it really rubs me the wrong way to see it happening. I have to wonder how many people get suckered into thinking they are getting a good deal.

OK, what I am rambling about you ask?

Sales! Doesn’t matter where you shop they all seem to do the same kind of sales promotion. But we’re not really talking about sales exactly. We are talking about fake sales – things that the store will have a “sales” sticker or tag. What this really boils down to is a gimmick to make you, the consumer, believe you are getting a bargain.

One example is at a local grocery store where I shop has Alfredo Noodle packages that cost $1.00. This store routinely adds a sales tag on the self for this product that states – 3 for $3.00.  DUH!! Now this wouldn’t bother me if it was on sale. But this is a none sales item and to me this is also false advertising. Not because the pricing isn’t correct. But rather its being displayed as a sales item. 

Something else I have found a lot recently are places like home improvement or repair stores. We have two of the top two competing across the street from us here where I live. The other day I happen to visit both of them on them. The first one I stopped at had lawnmowers on sale. When I drove across the street to the other store they had the exact same mower at the exact same price and it wasn’t on sale – it was their normal price. When I looked this mower up online it normally sales for the lower price anyway. Guess we know who had the highest mark-up this time.





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