New Home on WordPress

Well I don’t know if I am going to be able to get this thing working correctly. Going to give it a good try and see what happens. Never know I might actually get things right for a change.

Wondering what kind of blog you will be seeing from me?

That is a good question and one that is not going to be easy to answer. I have a wide interest in many things. One thing I can promise is humor. Sometimes dry, sometimes stupid and pointless. Other times I will make you laugh so hard your side will hurt. No matter what I will always include some humor somewhere, somehow.

There will be times when I will touch on the political. Not out of any great interest of the political arena. Rather more out of the distaste and dissatisfaction myself and many others I know have with our elected officials.

Sometimes I will talk about the mundane, boring, pointless and lacking of great interest to others. Yet, for me, I find value and quality in these things. Maybe its only because of my view on things.

Mostly you will find tidbits of my life. Things I feel or think about love, education, internet, sports, family, and many other wide array of interest I have or go thru daily.

Hope you enjoy what you read. Please let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment and questions. Who knows maybe my answers will give us both something to think about.




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